Intrepid Birth


An infusion of culture, matriarchal wisdom and Modern know how 

Thats Me ! Jasmine Huymans . Born and raised in New Zealand with a unique blend of Dutch , Maori  and good ol'  kiwi culture, I now reside in Perth, Australia with my 4 free-range children  . I come from a huge family unit and I mean UNIT, headed by two of the strongest Women whom I have ever laid eyes on !  Motherhood meet me young but rather than weaken me it has served only to refine me in ways I never knew possible . An adventure that has ignited a fire within me that I never knew existed.  

Following the birth of my 4th child I decided it was time to support mums in the way that had taken me many years to achieve on my own .

From being that Woman who felt lost, anxious and unsure about soo many things to a Woman who felt confident, supported and excited for all that was to come.

I comprehenssively support women with the intimate understanding and acknowledgement of the Emotional , Physical, Mental and Spiritual aspects of the path before her.  I truly believe that no motherhood journey is the same , that we get to write our own adventures and that thats the beauty of it all  . 

My calling to Work with Mothers is a continuation of my Cultural Values ,upbringing and personal experience to see Woman liberated by and through their journey of Motherhood.