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In many cultures around the world, the postpartum period has been revered as the pinnacle of optimal transformation for a Woman  .The Rigours of Pregnancy and Birth are followed by a dedicated period of rest, rejuvenation and support so that a new mother can create a solid foundation on which she can begin her motherhood journey .  

However in our western culture we sorely lack the information and support that is conducive to truly carry women through this short, yet unique window of time. Isolation, Anxiety ,Lack of support ,Feeding concerns and issues and sleep deprivation etc are all felt and experienced more frequently by new mothers in our modern western culture in comparison to our eastern culture counterparts . 

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Mothers can not give from a depleted source. Every mother needs emotional , mental ,physical and spiritual validation, nourishment and support. When a mother is respected and well cared for , she, and her whole family, will benefit
— A mother woman principle

 New Mother Doula Support 

 Let yourself be embraced in a cocoon of nurturing, nourishment and oxytocin as you lay the foundation for your Motherhood Journey . This in house service is specifically tailored and underpinned in traditional wisdom and practices to see you emerge from your fourth trimester as a strong, confident Mother and Woman who trusts in her own instincts and intuition.

 An Indulgent range Postpartum Investment packages Available   :

In house Massages to revitalise your mind, body and soul  

 Fresh 48 hour Session

Warming Traditions and Belly Binding

Freshly sourced (Organic where ever possible ) and prepared food specifically made to nourish a New Mother

Non Judgemental and Mother Centered Breast Feeding Support

Baby Wearing Support and Library - Assistance with helping older siblings transition 

Honouring Sealing Ceremony 

Plus so much more 

ready to invest in your Fourth Trimester? Be Supported, NURTURED and nourished as you navigate early motherhood ? Get in Touch , I'd love to hear from you.

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We’re not meant to “bounce back” after babies. Not physically, not emotionally, and definitely not spiritually. We’re meant to step forward into more awakened, more attuned, and more powerful versions of ourselves. Motherhood is a sacred, beautiful, honorable evolution, not the shameful shift into a lesser-than state of being that our society makes it seem
— Beth Berry , revolution from home